Body Solid Kabelzugturm Pro Dual, Modular

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Anbaumodul Kabelzug für 4 Stationen Turm

Body Solid Kabelzugturm Pro Dual, Modular

ProfessionalBodySolid cable pull power station. Themodule does not contain a weight block but is designed for use with the4-station tower base frame (type K8420)! Theframe for the 4-station tower already has 4 weight blocks with 95 kg. Withthe numerous different modules, a completely individual multi-station tower canbe designed, in which 4 athletes can train independently of each other.

Product features of the BodySolid Pro Dual cable station:
- Bi- andIsolaterales training
- 18different training heights
- Dimensions (L x W x H) 112x 85, max. 131 cm x 213 cm
- Weight approx.47 kg

In addition to the abdominal and back support module, the following additionalabutments are available for the basic frame:
-Butterfly and Reverse Butterfly (Art. K8424)
- LegExtension/Leg Curl pro Dual, module (K8427)
- Inner/Outer Thigh machine Pro Dual, module (K8421)
-Multi-Press Pro Dual, module (K8422)
- LatPull-Down machine Pro Dual, module (K8423)
- LegPress/ Calf Extension machine Pro Dual, module (K8425)
- Bicep-/Triceps machine Pro Dual, module (K8426)
- ChestPress & Lat Station Pro Dual, module (K8430)
- CablePulley Pro Dual, module (K8429)

Fitnessstations of the BodySolid Pro dual power unit series are also available in afreestanding version with a 95 kg weight block. Thefitness stations are ideal for use in smaller fitness studios or in school andclub facilities. Bycombining two exercises (Pro Dual) in one machine, budget and space are saved! ProDual power units are made of high quality materials and guarantee a permanentand reliable training.

Produktdetails K8429
Gewicht 47.00 kg